Fitz in the Morning Episode #213 Wednesday 03/04/20

It’s Wear a Hoodie Wednesday but Ryder didn’t get the memo. In the What Are You Kidding Me Stories, men can smell when women are turned on, a woman is arrested for using karate moves on cops, an Uber driver kicked people out for farting and a guy brings a llama to his sister’s wedding. Songs to Wash Your Hands To: if you are sick of “Happy Birthday” Fitz has a list of others you can sing for 20 seconds. In the Hourly Bulletin, some schools have reopened but others remain closed, a Mercer Island teen has a popular authoritative Coronavirus website, crews are deep cleaning the Tacoma Dome for WIAA High School Basketball, an Amazon Seattle employee is infected and the latest on the Nashville tornadoes. In Sports, Japan’s Olympic Minister wants to delay the games but the IOC says no, and Chicago State has canceled basketball games with Seattle, both home and away. Uh Oh, We Have a Dad Joke! In the Fitz Files, Dolly Parton has a message of hope for Nashville, Princeton students don’t want Marshawn Lynch as a graduation speaker, Brittney Spears’ son is old enough to get on Instagram Live and say crazy crap and market himself. In The Good Stuff, a pizza parlor owner is working with a local animal shelter to put adoptable dogs’ pictures on pizza boxes with $50 off on pizza if they adopt. Are You All Jacked Up? Call us up and tell us! A First-Hand Nashville Update: Our friend Deborah from CT 40 calls with scary details, updates on Country Artists, and ways we can help. We Call Our Latest Disney Winner Erin from Puyallup! Today’s Troop Salute: Don Leonard of the US Army. The Lil’ Miss March Pageant Continues. Justin Bieber talks about his wife a lot.