Fitz in the Morning Episode #214 Thurs 03/05/20

Want to win a Family Vacation to Disneyland? Listen every day at 7am for the Disney Song of the Day! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a Wendy’s employee quits and escapes out the drive through, a girl can pop every joint in her body and puts it on Tik Tok, a new variety of porn features hazmat suits, and a flat-earther was arrested for trying to convert school kids. Brantley Gilbert calls to talk about his Tacoma show and we ask him about the Russell Wilson/Trevor Moawad Country Music controversy. In the Hourly Bulletin, Coronavirus school closures, King County bought a motel for quarantine in Kent, VP Pence is in Olympia meeting with the Governor, and Washington State Ferries wants passengers to stay in their cars. In Sports, Mariners’ Taijuan Walker looks good in spring training and an update on the Seattle Center Arena renovation. Drew isn’t sleeping well and Fitz recommends a sleep mask. In the Fitz Files, new evidence of possible FBI corruption in the college admissions scandal could be good for Lori Loughlin, Alex Trebek gives an update on his Pancreatic Cancer, Katy Perry is pregnant, and Garth Brooks gets the Gershwin Prize. In the Good Stuff, a Nashville high rise tower crane operator survived being trapped 340 feet above the ground when the tornados struck. On Make Up or Break Up, Stephanie from Des Moines wants her mom to move in with them, but her boyfriend Mark says no. Fitz tells us how people are making their own hand sanitizer from Vodka and Aloe and we discuss how Coronavirus is (and isn’t) transmitted. Playlist Profiling is Desiree from Port Orchard. Throwin’ Shade defends Country Music from uneducated mental conditioning coaches.