Fitz in the Morning Episode #215 Friday 03/06/20

We’re keeping it positive with Bible Camp songs and a Bull Yah! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories a guy in quarantine says his kids are more exhausting than Coronavirus, a minor league baseball team is having “Say Yes To Crack” day celebrating plumbers, a guy gets pulled over for 27-year-old expired plates and Florida Man pulled a gun on a friend who joked about burning BBQ. In Ticket Or Skip It, Drew reviews “Onward” and “The Way Back.” In the Hourly Bulletin, school closures, VP Pence in WA, Insurance Commissioner orders copays and deductibles waived for Coronavirus testing, and cops investigate body found in an exploded car. In Sports, Tony Romo gets a record broadcasting deal, ESPN wants Peyton Manning for MNF and Tom Brady still doesn’t know his plans. If you missed Thursday’s Throwin’ Shade, Shade lets Russell Wilson’s Mental Coach have it over his dis of Country Music. In the Fitz Files, Country stars gave time and money to Nashville including $1 million from Taylor Swift, the new Bond movie has been delayed for 6 months due to Coronavirus and Joey Chestnut ate 32 Big Macs just because. Today in The Good Stuff, Nick from Harstine Island is our Bickford Ford Community Hero for carrying on a 40-year tradition of turning recycling into thousands for the community. On City vs. Country, Zack from Covington meets City Girl Jane from Seattle and Country Girl Lauren from Enumclaw. Has your life changed due to Coronavirus? Ryder is Going Country and Fitz needs your ideas for how we can Country-Fy him. The Little Miss March Pageant concludes with a surprise winner! On the Weekend Party Preview, Claire tells us what is still going on around the Northwest in spite of Coronavirus fears.