Fitz in the Morning Episode #216 Monday 03/09/20

The Atmosphere saw us having spring vibes and sent this cold snap to remind us it’s not. In the What Are You Kidding Me Stories, women brawl over the last TP at a store, a Revolutionary War reenactor shows up for a school presentation drunk, a guy pulls a gun because someone picked a Karaoke song he didn’t like and is offering $4000 to be infected with Coronavirus and live in a lab. In the Hourly Bulletin, school closure updates, Governor Inslee considers mandatory measures for Coronavirus and Starbucks on 1st and University is closed. In Sports, fan turnout way down for Sounders due to CV. Payton Smith is coming here for a Lobby Lounge tomorrow and he is awesome! Look out it’s a Dad Joke! In the Fitz Files, Sylvester Stallone wore latex gloves to a grocery store, The Rock supports his daughter and Dolly Parton wants the Playboy cover for her 75th birthday. The $1000 Minute: Bob from Stanwood WINS!! In The Good Stuff, a woman wanted to be arrested for her 100th Birthday, so police fake-arrested her at her nursing home in front of everyone. City vs. Country finds us hearing from Zack and Country Girl Lauren about their date. Crime in Coupeville uncovers a Goth security guard, a rearranged sign letter, a missing mailbox, and assault with a sticky weapon. Fitz announces the passing of Marnie, the long-tongue dog. Today’s Troop Salute: Angelo Baluca US Navy. Drew took a nice drive in the country over the weekend and felt the pressure of the city and Coronavirus stress melt away. We Need Your Help with Insta-Therapy where “Joanne” from Bremerton has an awesome babysitter who is flirting with her husband. Monday Motivation has some nice quotes to get your week started off on the right path.