Fitz in the Morning Episode #218 Wednesday 03/11/20

Fitz has switched to Cokes in the morning instead of his morning latte which leads to a talk about Southern food traditions. In the What Are You Kidding Me Stories, Fitz thinks he can take Rob Gronkowski in a fight, a junior hockey league coach was ejected for swearing at the refs, McDonalds is bringing back the Double Big Mac and Lil’Mac, college kids were arrested for getting to “3rd base” in a police station, and professional cuddlers in San Francisco had to cancel a big event. Drew reminisces about how traffic is currently what it used to be like in the 1980’s. In the Hourly Bulletin, school closure updates, Governor Inslee to announce large event ban, small business relief fund available, airlines are cutting flights. In Sports, major local sporting events that could be playing to empty stadiums, and Gronk is headed to the WWE. We hear the crazy scary things people believe about Coronavirus in a Jimmy Kimmel street segment. In The Fitz Files, the “Bachelor” finale finds Peter proposing to, but then dumping, Hannah Ann, and trying things out with Madison even through his mother hates him. In The Good Stuff, a singer in Russia fell 10 feet off the stage into the Orchestra pit and kept singing. Oh, we are all so very All Jacked Up, like Brendan who uses his bellybutton as an indicator of when to shower, and Carrie who rearranges people’s toilet paper. Bethany’s Baby Blog Episode #5 finds her being watched for Gestational Diabetes. Today’s Troop Salute is Sergeant Christopher Gamboa USMC. Are Pearl Necklaces The Next Fashion Trend For Men? End of Show Texts has Fitz asking You to send us random texts! Let ‘em Fly!