Fitz in the Morning Episode #220 Friday 03/13/20

Ryder can smell the weekend – Fitz smelled it too, but didn’t know that was the weekend! DJ Tony Schwartz has a virus-and-Irish-inspired Bull Yah! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a guy is arrested for stealing a single roll of TP from his neighbor, Fitz tells us all about his wishy-bombing exploits, a sad man had himself tattooed blue all over, and stats show macho men have more health issues later in life. On Ticket or Skip It Drew sort of reviews “Bloodshot” and “The Hunt” although he skipped the screenings. In the Hourly Bulletin, WA Governor closes school in three counties, OR Governor closes schools everywhere, hourly workers in limbo as business slows, and Starbucks may go drive-through only. In Sports the XFL will to pay players their full play and benefits despite cancellations, and NCAA cancellations have student-athletes and parents wondering about eligibility. In the Fitz Files, Peter the Pilot has already broken up with Madison, “Mulan” and Quiet Place Two” delayed, and Betty White is OK. In The Good Stuff, a distillery is offering a byproduct as a disinfectant for free to help folks stay clean during Coronavirus. On City vs. Country, Ernie from Bothell meets City Girl Angela from Everett and Country Girl Maryanne from Granite Falls, and Coronavirus is on their minds. Kane Brown calls in! Believe It or Not takes your calls about Sausage Family Royalty, Reba’s Caterer’s Daughter’s Cousin, and a girl whose parents are related. It’s so crazy here we forgot its Friday the 13th. Fitz asks your favorite things about working from home, like dogs, lunch anytime, and no bra! Today’s Weekend Party Preview is the Pity Party Preview – we run down some things that are cancelled, and remind you to check the latest information on