Fitz in the Morning Episode #222 Tuesday 03/17/20

The World’s Tallest Leprechaun wishes you a Happy St Patrick’s Day! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a Tik Tok “star” was shut down over a “Coronavirus Challenge” licking an airplane toilet seat, England is worried their sewage system can’t handle TP substitutes, Puyallup police ask criminals to simply stop committing crimes and calling 911 for TP, and ISIS has asked it’s fighters to avoid Europe. The Fitz Family Exile continues as his teenagers who defied his Social Distancing rules want to come home but he still won’t let them. In the Hourly Bulletin, a Coronavirus vaccine trial is underway in Seattle, Seattle is giving out grocery vouchers to needy families, a stranger visited a Coronavirus patient at Life Care in Kirkland, and Delta grounded a flight when a passenger admitted possible Coronavirus exposure. In Sports, Tom Brady announces he will not return to the Patriots but does not say where he is going. In the Fitz Files, Dierks Bentley will continue to pay employees at his Nashville bar, Kid Rock gave on and closed his, Keith Urban live streamed a show from his warehouse, Wrestlemania will go on without fans, and Blake Shelton is growing back his mullet to bring us all hope. In The Good Stuff, the Pink-a-Bella cupcake shop in Redmond was struggling but has seen new business from people buying cupcakes for nurses. On Make up or Break Up Adam from Arlington is frustrated his girlfriend Liz is not taking Coronavirus precautions seriously; she says he’s overreacting. Ryder wants to get Young’n & Shade back together and Fitz says he will support it, even though our Prime Minister hates them. P1’s join our Virtual St. Patrick’s Day Party!