Fitz in the Morning Episode #224 Thursday 03/19/20

Fitz is Sporting Seahawks Action Green Latex Gloves! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a website will tell you exactly how long your current TP supply will hold out, a strip club is offering food delivery called Boob-er Eats, Spring Breakers in Miami are idiots and a guy got so drunk he stole two TV and when he sobered up he turned himself in saying he didn’t remember doing it. Fitz has a list of foods that are still on grocery shelves because no one wants them like Corona beer, Baby Shark cereal and Hot Tamales Peeps. In the Hourly Bulletin, Governor Inslee imposes a 30 day moratorium on evictions, public utilities will suspend late fees and disconnections, three members of one New Jersey family die and the Canadian Border is closed. In Sports, Gardner Minshew could be the official starter for Jacksonville and Wrestlemania 36 will be a 2-day event with no audience but a huge cast. Fitz tells us the Pope is trying to pray the virus away and Ryder doesn’t think that’s going to work. In the Fitz Files, Brett Young is quarantined after touring Europe so he is staying on his tour bus in his driveway, and Claire suggests Fitz do that with his kids, the “Friends” reunion is postponed and possibly the HBO streaming service that was going to launch with it and Kevin Bacon uses “6 Degrees” to ask you to think of loved while you are separating. In the Good Stuff, people around the nation are putting up their Christmas lights to cheer their neighbors. On Make Up or Break Up, Ben from Arlington is creeped out that his girlfriend Alicia talks in “baby talk.” Playlist Profiling is Courtney from Marysville. Throwin’ Shade has Shade taking on the Isolation Blues.