Fitz in the Morning Episode #225 Friday 03/20/20

Fitz has rubber gloves in every color of the rainbow and he’s wearing purple for the “Bull Yah!” In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, more people are willing to try love with a robot, the chores we hate the most include cleaning the toilet, spring breakers are complaining about beach closures and a man faces charges for falsely claiming he had Coronavirus to get attention. “Ticket or Skip It” is currently “Stream it or Skip It” and Drew recommends “Westworld” and “Ozark.” In the Hourly Bulletin, California’s Governor issues Shelter in Place order for all citizens, more temporary quarantine sites are being erected around the region, Washington State puts elective surgeries and dentistry on hold, and the feds delays Tax Day to July 15. In Sports, Tom Brady and Tampa Bay are official, the Olympics are committed to starting July 24th and NHL Seattle delays announcing the team name but donates to the community. In the Fitz Files, Mariah Carey likes Kelly Clarkson’s cover of her song “Vanishing”, the “ACM’s” will go on as performances from artists’ homes, and Playboy Magazine is going away because of Coronavirus. The Good Stuff gives us some Real Life Golden Girls with three little old ladies waiting out Coronavirus together. City vs. Country has been temporality shut down by the Governor. What Celebrity Would You Love to Be Quarantined With? Today is International Happiness Day and we talk about makes us happy. Drew’s is stocking up on ammo and Fitz wants to know if you agree or think he is going too far? Believe it Or Not has some great P1 stories like Elaine getting hit on by a young Matthew McConaughey. The Weekend Party Preview is now a Personal Party Preview, so you tell us what you are plannin