Fitz in the Morning Episode #226 Monday 03/23/20

Our new favorite scents are “clean” and “bleach”. Drew explains whether or not the National Guard is activated and what they will do. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, people are filmed buying out all the TP in a store, a third of people say they have had their whole day ruined because no one told them there was food in their teeth, teens cough on produce at a grocery and film it for social, and a couple goes nuts when a store cashier won’t let them buy 23 cases of Mountain Dew. Drew’s Coronavirus Café served up a beautiful roast and we discuss home cookin’. In the Hourly Bulletin, the president orders FEMA supplies and resources to WA, grocery stores are making adjustments, local public transit has fewer routes but they’re free and a Tenino distillery is making hand sanitizer. In Sports Japan is insisting the Olympics will go on while countries start pulling out. Siri has been programmed to answer Coronavirus questions. Fitz has a Dad Joke right when we need one! In the Fitz Files, Garth is giving an online concert today, we remember Kenny Rogers, and Neil Diamond rewrote “Sweet Caroline” to fit the Coronavirus era. The internet is buckling is under the stress of so many people at home. In the Good Stuff, a woman gave birth in the toilet paper aisle of a Walmart in Missouri and lots of folks pitched in to help. Is Spending Time with your Family Making You Crazy? Crime in Coupeville: The Quarantine Edition! Today’s Troop Salute is Henry “Mike” Pokryzyka of the US Air Force. Ryder Went Camping in his House. P1 Trashman Mike Calls In with an update on his son who has Coronavirus. Monday Motivation bring us all some much-needed positivity.