Fitz in the Morning Episode #229 Thursday 03/26/20

We are all so obsessed with “Tiger King” Claire feels like her leopard print wardrobe is lacking. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a teacher instructs students to sneeze down their shirts and not in their elbows, the drunkest states right now are Texas, California, and New Mexico, yet another man is arrested for licking something at Wal-Mart, and a man pulled a gun on a woman and her daughter wearing surgical masks because he was afraid of Coronavirus. Drew and Claire both had incidents with their spouses challenging what day of the week it was. In the Hourly Bulletin, Congress passes the $2.2 trillion relief bill, several companies are hiring, Feds are investigating Covid-19-based fraud, and Governor Inslee signs a bill allowing Tribal Casinos to open Sports Books. In the Fitz Files, “Tiger King” Joe Exotic is suing the Federal Government for $79 million saying they unfairly targeted him, Bill Cosby wants out of prison because a guard has Coronavirus and Taylor Swift sent a fan $3000 to help with her rent. Listen for the Cowbell because Rachelle from Olympia just won a $50 Amazon Gift Card. In The Good Stuff, cops checked on an elderly man who was running out of supplies and brought him groceries and Chinese take-out, a tug boat went down the Thames blasting “Bright Side of Life” and 75 College Kids all performed and spliced together “What the World Needs Now”. On Make Up or Break Justine from SeaTac says her boyfriend Ed has become a dangerous hoarder; he says he’s just smart and ahead of everyone else. Mamma Fitz Sings For the Children of the Northwest! Playlist Profiling is Ryan from Roy. Fitz wants to make sure we are getting enough exercise so he throws an “Everybody Dance Now” Dance Party!