Fitz in the Morning Episode #232 Tuesday 03/31/20

Fitz suggests “Woodsheddin’” and learning a new skill while housebound; aside from being experts on private zoos, murder for hire, and meth. Throughout the day we are giving your Shout-Outs to those on the Front Lines. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, the most stressed out states are Louisiana, Mississippi, and New Mexico, a woman driving around pointlessly was arrested, the world’s oldest man (112) had to cancel his birthday party and Uranus is leaking gas. Drew’s girlfriend wants him to dance on social media and he is not about it. In the Hourly Bulletin, governor likely to extend Stay-at-Home order, two deaths and 45 infections are linked to a choir practice in Skagit, southbound I-5 closed for a police standoff, and governor announces increased enforcement for non-compliant non-essential businesses. In the Fitz Files, the sheriff from Carole’s county in “Tiger King” is asking for new leads in her husband’s disappearance, Lizzo sent lunch to the UW Medical Center, Garth and Trisha will do another live concert from home on CBS Prime Time, and Dolly Parton is gonna read to kids on Facebook. In The Good Stuff, 19 members of the Norwegian Symphony performed Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” online, and cars are showing up to hospitals to flash their headlights to show support. On Make Up or Break Up, Jack from Mill Creek says his girlfriend Lauren has been getting involved in his work while he’s working from home. Brace yourself, we are having a Twerk Fest up in here. Today’s Playlist Profiling is Donna from Monroe. Claire recommends binging the show “Hell on Wheels” on Netflix. Fitz debuts Thomas Rhett’s new song “Be the Light” with Reba, Keith Urban and Hillary Scott. How to Have a Neighborhood Party the Safe Way by throwing a DJ Dance Party.