Fitz in the Morning Episode #234 Thurs 04/02/20

Ryder wonders if this is what retirement feels like. Listen for your chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card and also a $25 Taco Time Gift Card. In the What Are You Kidding me stories, it’s “peanut butter and jelly day”, several Florida spring breakers have Coronavirus, Putin has sent the US medical masks and a Mega Church in Pennsylvania is still going to put on a massive public Easter. Fitz finished “Tiger King” and has a lot of questions. In the Hourly Bulletin, local crime is down although domestic violence is up, Boeing announces staff cuts, Governor Inslee wants local businesses to make medical gear, and the NE Patriots paid to import 1.2 million N95 masks and sent their company plane to get them. April Fool’s Day had Fitz sharing a fake screenshot of Inslee announcing kids would have to re-do the school year and hear the pranks you did on your kids. In the Fitz Files, an April Fool’s joke went viral of President Trump working with Kim Kardashian to free Joe Exotic, Carol Baskin says important details about her husband’s disappearance were left off the documentary, the singer of Fountains of Wayne has died, Garth and Trisha did a TV Special, and a former Bachelor can now legally spill details on the show. In the Good Stuff, a winery owner uses his dog to make deliveries, and a restaurant owner raised money for his workers by getting a Tiger King haircut and color. On Make Up or Break Up, Emily from Snohomish is worried about her boyfriend Mark’s sudden new interest in social media. Playlist Profiling is Hannah from Shelton. Thank You for your Frontline Shoutouts – we hear a lot of your thanks for people you know on the front lines of COVID.