Fitz in the Morning Episode #237 Tuesday 04/07/20

You Want Free TP? Cuz’ we’re gonna throw some into your car Thursday April 9th at 1pm at AMC Factoria. Drew is recovering from a Hot Pocket injury while Fitz waxes philosophical on the Pink Moon. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, Czech police are charging nudists for not wearing masks on their faces, a mom filmed herself keeping time with her son’s trombone practice by banging the microwave door, the company that makes the Flowbee had to shut down even with high demand, and a couple honeymooning in the Maldives are now quarantined there alone. Where is the most appropriate place in your home to cut your toenails? Because Drew and his girlfriend are quarantine-fighting over it! In the Hourly Bulletin, Governor Inslee closes schools through the end of the school year, Bill Gates commits billions to fight Covid-19, Kent Police Chief mad about people leaving the Kent quarantine site, and Washington zoos are taking extra precautions to protect big cats. In the Fitz Files, who is (and is not) involved in the alleged “Tiger King” reunion episode, Peter the Pilot quarantines with a former Bachelorette and former Bachelor, Matthew McConaughey and his family called virtual bingo with residents of an old folks’ home. In The Good Stuff the Prime Minister of New Zealand declares the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy Essential Workers. On Make Up or Break Up, Kate from Carnation says her boyfriend Jeff is so obsessed with “Tiger King” he’s sending Joe Exotic money. Fitz has new “Quarantunes” from Mama Fitz for the kids of the Northwest. Today’s Playlist Profile is Tex from Stanwood. Ryder gives us his take on the Netflix show “Ozark” since he’s done 3.5 seasons since COVID-19 started.