Fitz in the Morning Episode #238 Wednesday 04/08/20

The Pink Moon is incredible but Fitz wonders why pictures don’t do it justice. Listen for details to get Free TP and also win $1000 with Moolah’s Cash Cow Relief. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a mayor threatening to arrest people for going to bars had his wife caught at a bar, Fitz starts a story but we digress into odd foreign language fragments we learned in high school, a woman fake coughs on people to get them away from her patio, and a new toilet has a camera in the bowl to recognize, for some reason. In the Hourly Bulletin, Washington State launches funding help for small businesses, grocery workers ask for increased protections, Twitter CEO pledges $1B to Covid relief, County says flushed toilet wipies are causing plumbing problems, concerns over black market hair salons, and Dick’s customers donate 24,000 burgers to frontline workers. In the Fitz Files, UFC 249 will happen in a secret location, John Prine dies of Coronavirus, Elmo is having a Video Playdate, and Tracy Morgan shocked Hoda Kotb on the Today Show just being himself. In The Good Stuff, a 16-year-old pilot is using his training hours to deliver medical supplies. Quarantine has got you all extra All Jacked Up, with super powers and hacking Zoom calls. Are You Woodshedding? Fitz wants to know who is picking up new skills with cooking, gardening, Yoga, and musical instruments very popular. Canada’s Prime Minister cautions about people speaking “moistly”. (Really.) Today’s Troop Salute is HM2 Benjamin Ong of the US Navy. A man claims he was arrested and cuffed in front of his daughter just for hanging out in the park but we are skeptical. In a “Hallmark Channel Check-In”, Fitz covers “Fashionably Yours” which is based in Seattle