Fitz in the Morning Episode #239 Thurs 04/09/20

Ryder is the Uncle Rico of Toilet Paper as he throws rolls into your car (stay in it!) at the Factoria AMC today (Thursday) from 1pm-3pm. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, Daytona police use drones to run teens off the beach, KFC’s social media shades people claiming to have the Colonel’s secret recipe, and Dr. Fauci says we may never return to handshaking. Catfishing is up due to Quarantining and Ryder tells us about his experience being Catfished. In the Hourly Bulletin, the Century Link field hospital will be broken down and moved to a more needy state, thieves steal hygiene products and food from a local non-profit, inmates revolt over COVID at Monroe Correctional facility, more car insurance companies are offering refunds, and Drivers’ License expiration dates will be extended during quarantine. In the Fitz Files, President Trump is asked, and answers, about pardoning Joe Exotic, CMT honors Kenny Rogers, a “Doogie Howser” reboot will be a girl, Harry and Meghan’s new website gets hijacked, and “Modern Family” comes to an end. In The Good Stuff, a Memphis hospital found 27,000 N-95 masks in storage that were still good but needed the elastic replaced so volunteers sewed replacement straps in just one weekend. A new record for the oldest person to survive Coronavirus is a 107-year-old Dutch woman, beating the record held by a 103-year-old Italian woman. In a Make Up or Break Up Special Roommate Edition, Maggie from Renton says her roommate Brie is a total slob who treats her like a maid, but Brie says Maggie is just as bad in different ways. Mama Fitz is back with more Quarantunes for the kids of the Northwest. Today’s Playlist Profiling is Lynn from Eatonville. And Fasten Your Seatbelt – Throwin’ Shade is Back!