Fitz in the Morning Episode #242 Tuesday 04/14/20

Fitz felt the babies kick him in the back last night in bed. Drew got in before Claire today because Claire is now Clair-it-in. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, an arrested guy coughed on cops, a crook tried to break into a business in a pipe and got stuck, and men are panic-freezing semen with new at-home kits. Drew STILL hasn’t closed on his Monroe property because of Cornavirus and Fitz wonders if the home’s Australian owners were running an illegal Koala farm. In the Hourly Bulletin, Washington to release nearly 1000 inmates due to Coronavirus, Stimulus Relief checks are dropping in bank accounts, Washington, Oregon, and California agree to a pact, Seattle and Lacey are giving small businesses grants, a Maple Valley family went Viral for a fun video, and Russell and Ciara are having a boy. Dolly Parton has been doing some awesome Poems and Stories on FB. In the Fitz Files, Miranda Lambert defends pictures she posted with Joe Exotic, The new “Bachelor” show is unwatchable and unlistenable and Matthew McConaughey is telling us how to make masks at home with his new character “Bobby Bandito.” In The Good Stuff: Brazil honors medical workers by lighting up “Christ the Redeemer” as a doctor and a woman leaves a $1000 tip on a $19 take-out order. On Make Up or Break Up, Paul from Bothell is really upset that his girlfriend Kathy is planning a cross-country road trip right now. Karissa in Lacey wins the $500 Virtual Easter Basket! In some Extra Good Stuff, some kids started a hotline for older folks to get through quarantine with jokes and positive stories, 1-800-Joy 4All. Today’s Playlist Profiling is Brooke from Puyallup. Ozark Season 3 is giving Claire panic dreams and making Ryder question his potential decisions.