Fitz in the Morning Episode #243 Wednesday 04/15/20

We are simultaneously joyous and cautious about not filing our taxes. Fitz is obsessed with Jamba Juice because it’s what his pregnant wife craves. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a woman marries her chandelier, a fireman gets an accidental deposit of $8.2 million, a guy robbing a bank stopped to crack a beer and got arrested and Florida has declared the WWE essential so they can perform at Orlando Arena. Fitz recaps highlights from the extra Tiger King Episode on Netflix. In the Hourly Bulletin, stimulus checks start dropping and Drew has safety advice on how to track yours down, vandals are trashing closed Washington parks, Washington enables CARES Act for Unemployment, and Amazon is hiring another 75,000 employees. Drew was snooping on Fitz’ phone and found an app called Clementine which helps you meditate on the toilet. In the Fitz Files, someone is auctioning a Joe Exotic shirt on eBay, American Idol is doing auditions and judging from home, the Disney Family sing-a-long is Thursday and Russell Dickerson is having a baby. In The Good Stuff, a WWII veteran just turned 101 and the locals gave him a drive-by parade complete with fire engines. All Jacked Up is getting extra special during quarantine – like Marcy, stealing TP from her neighbor, and Mark, trying to make his dad a Tik Tok star. Fitz explains “Doom Scrolling” and we give Ryder an intervention about how is definitely a doom scroller. Today’s Troop Salute is the Roan Family of US Air National Guard. “Covidiots” are still everywhere and we hear your stories of Covidiot sightings. Mama Fitz calls in to talk about how Fitz’s dad Green Beret Bob has been misbehaving during Covid-19, like hanging out at the Dollar Store.