Fitz in the Morning Episode #248 Wednesday 04/22/20

Welcome Rain: thanks for washing away the pollen and giving us an excuse to keep wearing flannel. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, an doctor is living in his kids’ treehouse for his family’s safety, someone called cops on partying Amish, Germany cancels Oktoberfest, and we hear a bee story that leads to Ryder telling us a story of a beehive in his hair. Brett Eldridge calls in! In the Hourly Bulletin, Inslee says when stay-at-home order lifts it will be more like a “dial” than a “switch”, first US Coronavirus deaths were in CA not WA, Kent on verge of financial collapse, its the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Kent police investigate fatal train crash, and Gronk is going to Tampa Bay to join Tom Brady. In the Fitz Files, the “Friends” have joined the “All-In Challenge” with a chance to attend their reunion, Garth Brooks does his own grocery shopping and Chris Stapleton honors Prince with “Nothing Compares 2U”. In The Good Stuff, McDonalds is donating meals to frontline workers and Fitz’ daughter had her 8th birthday with a Facetime dance party with cousins in Texas. All Jacked Up covers Batman, cooking for housecats, flossing with your mullet and wearing extra panties. Fitz explains the Dance Party at his house for Little Drew’s birthday, and how much Big Drew hates Kidz Bop music. Claire’s neighbor mowed her lawn by surprise and Fitz says they must want something in return. Today’s Troop Salute is Tammy Jo Shults of the US Navy. Our new segment “We’re Not Gonna’ Take It” lets you vent your stay-at-home frustrations with your kids by yelling at us instead. Drew took a quick trip to Vancouver to see his mom but they couldn’t hug. Fitz gives new afternoon Jock B-Dub an “entrance interview”.