Fitz in the Morning Episode #249 Thursday 04/23/20

Fitz is bummed Claire and Drew didn’t remind him to join the Company Zoom Happy Hour. We discuss how Zoom is really just an excuse to see everyone’s homes and pets. In The What Are You Kidding Me stories, firefighters help a girl who got stuck in a washing machine playing hide and seek, a friends’ Zoom call got crazy when one of them went into his scary attic, a man burned down his mother’s she-shed after he didn’t get a stimulus check and a 68-year old woman just gave birth to twins. Kane Brown calls in to say Hi! In the Hourly Bulletin, Inslee talks tough on staying at home as long as necessary, and no students will be left back unless parents agree, a man is arrested for threatening the Governor, and 100 workers sick at Tyson Meat Plant near Pasco. The NFL Draft starts today and Russell Wilson has words of motivation for young players getting trash talked. In the Fitz Files, JoJo Siwa shows her real hair, a Whitney Houston biopic is in the works, a huge comedy benefit show will be on networks no one ever watches and we preview a new Kenny Chesney song. In the Good Stuff, a San Francisco woman whose dog was stolen last year has been reunited with him at an animal shelter in LA. In Make Up or Break Up, Adam from Sumner says he’s realized during quarantine that his girlfriend Wendy cheats at everything; she says she’s just competitive and he’s too sensitive. Drew is days away from closing on his Monroe House under intense pressure from the Australian who owns the home. Mama Fitz is back with new Quarantunes for the kids of the Northwest. Playlist Profiling is Firl from Enumclaw. Ryder is invited to a backyard bonfire and Fitz tells him if he goes he can’t come back to work; we can find another _____ the Young’n.