Fitz in the Morning Episode #252 Tuesday 04/28/20

It’s National Superhero Day, but rather than dressing up, we are saluting the real Super Heroes: Our Front Line Medical Workers and First Responders! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories: Florida’s Governor calls his state “God’s Waiting Room” during a speech about Coronavirus and retirement homes, a woman afraid of people in her elevator maced everyone, the Government admits they have no idea what UFO’s really are, and the Kardashians enter the “All-In Challenge”. Drew’s Real Estate Deal may be cursed because the day after he signed, the state flagged a major error with the deed. In the Hourly Bulletin, Gov announces partial opening of public lands with fishing, hunting and golf May 5, Boeing’s CEO says he doesn’t believe air travel will return to 2019 levels for 2 to 3 years and the Seahawks have released Justin Britt. In the Fitz Files, Spielberg discusses a “Goonies” sequel, Jason Mraz “judges” “Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart”, Tim McGraw wants pics of your momma’ for his next video, and Taylor Swift fans think her recent post has hidden secrets. In The Good Stuff, a 27-year-old woman gives birth while on a ventilator fighting Coronavirus but has since beaten the virus and she and the baby are both doing fine. On Make Up or Break, Sarah from Olympia is upset her boyfriend Jeff won’t argue or engage in any discussion at all but Jeff says Sarah tries to turn everything into a blow-out. Fitz wants to know why Ryder is always bringing up really depressing stories like our old grandmas used to do. Playlist Profiling is Audrey from Monroe. North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un hasn’t been seen in weeks and we each offer a conspiracy theory about where he is; theories encompass John Pardi, Dwight Schrutt and Dennis Rodman.