Fitz in the Morning Episode #253 Thurs 04/30/20

Our beautiful Northwest early morning sunrises are worth getting up so early! In the What Are Kidding Me stories, a man is arrested for arson using stolen underwear as kindling, Kentucky’s Gov apologizes to his real citizen named Tupac Shakur, studies show that just four seconds of intense exercise can counteract sitting around all day, and some Iowa college girls are facing expulsion after putting foot skin shavings in their roomie’s shredded cheese. Rip Us A New One; instead of yelling at your kids, take your frustration out on us instead. In the Hourly Bulletin, Governor Inslee to extend Stay-at-Home order with details coming, Paine Field is pre-TSA-scanning passengers for fevers, US weekly jobless claims push past 30 million unemployed, dogs are being trained to smell Covid-19 on people, and Regal Cinemas joins AMC threatening to boycott Universal movies after “Trolls” streaming smashes box office records. The Curse of Snohomish County continues as Drew’s real estate deal is still in trouble. In the Fitz Files, Luke Combs and his fiancée don’t know when they can get married, ABC will air 3-hour “best of” “Bachelor” episodes in place of “The Bachelorette”, and FGL admits Carrie Underwood flat turned them down on a collaboration. In The Good Stuff, we meet Hollie from Bonney Lake, our Bickford Ford Community Hero who is a Respiratory Therapist that normally works for Multi-Care Tacoma but has gone to New York City to help; we hear her incredibly unique and powerful perspective. On Make Up or Break Up, Allison from Everett says her man-child boyfriend Brent doesn’t respect her working from home. Today’s Playlist Profiling is KIRO-7 Meteorologist Nick Allard! County Wars finds Sarah from Pierce winning the month in Overtime! Shade is “Throwin’ Shade” on being sick of seeing the same faces every day.