Fitz in the Morning Episode #253 Weds 04/29/20

Fitz is fulfilling odd requests for his pregnant wife most of which feature some version of Ice Cold Coke. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a man named Speedy Gonzales was arrested for a police chase, two men in Georgia were injured after drinking disinfectant, Coors Light is giving away 500,000 beers and the KY Governor apologized for calling out people making fake unemployment claims like “Tupac Shakur” who really is named Tupac Shakur. Stress Dreams are common now because of Coronavirus. In the Hourly Bulletin, Governor likely extend to the stay-at-home order, Alaska Airlines putting cargo into unused seats, WA AG calls out a local company for a fake Covid-19 cure, a Tukwila man is arrested for murder for possibly staging a train accident to cover up a death, and the NCAA agrees to let student athletes earn money from their names and likenesses. In the Fitz Files, Harrison Ford in trouble with the FAA for another runway mishap, Felicity Huffman didn’t need to go to jail after all cuz her kid got good SAT scores on her own, and “Trolls World Tour” earned $100 million in three weeks with direct release. Do you think Movies should still go to Theatres after Covid-19 or do prefer the Home Theatre? In The Good Stuff, Mattel creates First Responder action figures and donates the money to the First Responders First Fund. All Jacked Up includes holding your breath driving across the I-90 Bridge, wearing the same underwear for four days, and using your kids’ watercolors on her roots. Alexi May’s Movie Emoji Game is fun, but she really hates Claire. Today’s Troop Salute is Don Allen Montgomery USMC. Call and tell us what Coronavirus has ruined for you. Fitz’ son Cooper suddenly wants to be a country singer.