Fitz in the Morning Episode #255 Friday 05/01/20

It’s not just gonna be May, it really finally is May! So let’s celebrate with a Bull Yah! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, you can buy an official “Safety Stick” to keep people 6 feet away, the newest TikTok trend is filming yourself peeing your pants, a man is arrested for depositing cocaine with his cash at a bank, and a man has broken a Guinness Record by taking 43 hits to the face with wet sponges. In Stream It or Skip It, Drew recommends: “Back to The Future 1 & 2” on Netflix, “Willy Wonka” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” on Netflix, Amazon’s new “Upload” and old “Bonanza” and Disney + gets “High School Musical 2” And “Rise of Skywalker”. In the Hourly Bulletin, Inslee will announce next phase of quarantine today, Washington Food Banks are struggling, your unemployment claim could be delayed weeks, two JBLM soldiers are arrested for murder, stolen mail is found at a Burien home and Amazon is encouraging work from home until October. In the Fitz Files, Will Ferrell crashes a Seahawks Virtual Meeting, Will Smith promotes his “Will at Home” series with the cast of “Fresh Prince”, Hot Country Knights album is out, and Jeff Bezos is building a Doomsday Clock. In The Good Stuff, Eddie Vedder joins the COVID Relief All-In Challenge with a Pearl Jam Experience. We need Insta-Therapy help for Tracy from Bothell who Cat-Fished her friend’s boyfriend to prove he’s cheating but the friend sided with the boyfriend and dumped Tracy. Today’s Corona Call is Michelle from Auburn who calls out her hairdresser for going to people’s homes to do hair. Ryder wants Fitz to get a new style of drone controlled by an arm band. Believe It or Not stories include Heidi who waited on Kevin Smith, Jared who faked several college diplomas to get jobs, and Lisa who saved a kid from drowning. Drew’s girlfriend is still having Girls’ Zoom Wine Nights and they are getting louder. The Weekend Party Preview covers events that are cancelled but our ideas for how to replace them.