Fitz in the Morning Episode #257 Tuesday 05/05/20

Fitz has a beautiful sign someone made for him and he tells us the origin of the saying “Who’s Better Than You? Nooobody!” In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, Tequila is the quarantine liquor of choice, a monkey on a motorcycle tries to steal a toddler, a man is arrested for mooning people at WalMart, and a new Rave Suit will protect you from Coronavirus while you party with an internal sound system, vape, and drink. Ryder held a “Rise of Skywalker” Watch Party; Fitz and Claire were there but Drew was not. In the Hourly Bulletin, Phase One of our state’s re-opening starts, medical professionals say people with real trouble are avoiding hospitals out of fear, Costco is taking extra precautions for supply-chain protection, a backlog of trash is causing backups at transfer stations, and Marshawn Lynch says he’s in talks with the Seahawks. In the Fitz Files, Nicholas Cage will play Joe Exotic in a “Tiger King” dramatic show, the trailer for “Space Force” has dropped, Corey Feldman has a song getting traction on AC radio charts, and Elon Musk named his baby X AE A-12. In The Good Stuff, John Nagle is a local father and grandfather who has been volunteering with St. Jude for 30 years. On Make Up or Break Up, Andrew from Everett is worried his girlfriend Renee wants to quit her high-paying job after quarantine is over because she prefers her home craft business. Fitz want to know if you prefer crunchy tacos or soft tacos. Drew and his girlfriend had to chase down a horrible smell in his basement and they were amazed with what it turned out to be. Playlist Profiling is Jesse from Puyallup. The Murder Hornets are here and Fitz wants to rise up and fight!