Fitz in the Morning Episode #258 Weds 05/06/20

It’s National Nurses’ Day and we want your shout-outs for your favorite nurses. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a guy battles his HOA over his blue lights for First Responders, a worker in a Storm Trooper costume at a Star Wars Café is arrested for having a blaster, and Murder Hornets are a delicacy in Japan. The Bathrooms in our office building are epically clean these days, and Fitz learns about the special bathroom on the top floor. In the Hourly Bulletin, Governor Inslee details his phase-in plan, experts wonder about the second wave of Coronavirus, the Snohomish County Sheriff could face recall, Tacoma General is taking part in a study of a promising drug for Coronavirus, thousands of WA Golfers flocked to courses Tuesday and Nike donates thousands of shoes and socks to frontline medical workers. In the Fitz Files, Dr. Fauci was the inspiration for a Romance Novel Character 30 years ago, and NASA confirms that Tom Cruise will film a movie on the International Space Station. In the Good Stuff, we salute our favorite nurses. All Jacked Up includes Holly who smells her toe nails, Stuart who takes pre-workout powder straight with no water, and Carrie Ann who has gotten so lax on laundry and thinks she’s gone nose blind. On Bethany’s Baby Blog she reports from 25 weeks along and hopes this week to get confirmations on the twins’ genders. Today’s Troop Salute is Simon Peter Hemmingway of the US Army. What Do Moms Want Most this Mother’s Day? Fitz has a list, and he calls Momma Fitz to ask her opinion on BoyzIIMen’s “Song For Mama”. We call the Prime Minister of Twang to with him Happy Birthday. And we end the show with several more of your shout-outs to out Nurses!