Fitz in the Morning Episode #259 Thurs 05/07/20

Fitz challenges Drew to the 25 Push-Up Challenge but Drew refuses because he’s not a joiner. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, cops shut down a parking lot party where people said “6 feet means different things to everyone”, some people think a Coronavirus cure may be in llama blood and the 5G conspiracists are everywhere. Ryder and Claire had fun hanging out with Fitz’s kids when he brought them to the studio Wednesday. In the Hourly Bulletin, 60% of Coronavirus deaths in WA are linked to Long Term Care, a Horizon Pilot is taking unpaid leave to become a paramedic, the Pentagon considers banning Covid-19 survivors from joining the military, WA car dealerships are reopening but new rules are confusing, state backs out of reopening car washes and restaurants can now sell cocktails to-go. In the Fitz Files, the Simpsons predicted Murder Hornets in 1993, Disney may reboot “Pirates of the Caribbean” with Karen Gillam in the lead, and Jason Aldean had to evacuate due to FL wild fires. In The Good Stuff, George Strait joined a Texas All-Star Facebook Live for kids reading the story “Never Invite a Dinosaur to Dinner” and Fitz challenges Ryder to watch the movie “Pure Country” so he can know George Strait better. On Make Up or Break Up, Ryan from Lake Stevens says his girlfriend Donna has an online shopping addiction and she’s spending them into the poor house. Mama Fitz has a New Quarantune called “Shut Up” which is more positive than it sounds. Fitz says Drew is excluding him from activities like a Zoom Call with Luke Bryan and using the secret special glass wall bathroom on the top floor. Playlist Profiling is Brittney from Elma. Throwin’ Shade Has Shade Throwin’ Down at Murder Hornets.