Fitz in the Morning Episode #260 Friday 05/08/20

Big Beef Doppler has served up a beautiful Northwest morning on the way to a beautiful Northwest weekend. We celebrate Friday with a Bull Yah! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a 5-year-old went two miles after stealing his parents’ car, a guy shot up a McDonalds because it was closed, a million kegs of beer will go bad because craft breweries can’t sell them to bars, and hurricane season could cause coronavirus to spread again if sewers back up into streets. On Stream It or Skip It Drew suggests “Afterlife”, Jerry Seinfeld’s “23 Hours to Kill”, New “Reno 911” episodes, “Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker” and “Pixar in Real Life” and “Walking Tall”. In the Hourly Bulletin, the Air Force is flying over Northwest medical facilities to honor frontline medical workers, car washes are open, police investigate a sharp rise in unemployment fraud, a driver with a stolen boat leads Tacoma police on a chase, Seattle closes 20 miles of neighborhood streets to help pedestrians social distance and the Seahawks schedule is out with four primetime games. In the Fitz Files, “Disney Family Sing-A-Long Two” is Sunday, Taylor Swift will air a never-before-seen concert May 17, Carol Baskin was rejected from the new Justin/Ariana video. In The Good Stuff, Banksy painted a special mural for a hospital in England depicting a child playing with a superhero figure of a nurse. We need your Insta-Therapy help for Karen from Monroe who says her neighbor is letting her kids run all over the neighborhood during Quarantine. Believe It Or Not features Carley whose landlord is paying her rent for the rest of the year, Will who once hooked up with Snooki from Jersey Shore, and Tina who gave herself a bald spot dying her roots. Fitz calls Mama Fitz to tell her what a big hit “Shut Up” has been. The Weekend Party Preview has some great ideas for indoors and outdoors.