Fitz in the Morning Episode #261 Monday 05/11/20

We all found a way to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weekend except Ryder who couldn’t find a fishing pole so he fished in a video game. Fitz took the family on a long journey around Western Washington. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, someone went viral throwing a rubber chicken at a sleeping man, a re-opened ice cream shop got so crazy that employees quit from customer abuse, a man thrown out of McDonalds for not wearing a mask went next door to steal women’s underwear from Walmart, and two guys broke the Guinness World Record for catching ping-pong balls in shaving cream on their heads. The Peak and the Pit recounts the highs and lows of our weekends. In the Hourly Bulletin, 20% of employees at Twin City Foods test positive for Coronavirus, SeaTac to require masks for all, 1500 rallied against stay-at-home in Olympia, and the FBI investigates death threats against stay-at-home whistle blowers. In the Fitz Files, we remember Jerry Stiller and Little Richard, a judge rejects Lori Loughlin’s dismissal in her college scandal case, and Robert Kraft is auctioning his Super Bowl LI ring for COVID relief. In The Good Stuff, a pregnant woman was so sick from Coronavirus in March that doctors put her in a coma and on a ventilator and did an emergency C-Section; today she is healthy and finally met her daughter on Mother’s day. Tells us why “This is My Big Week Because”…: Tina is going to be a Grandma and Shawntee is celebrating 25 years with her Company. Ashley says the day after Mother’s Day is typically their biggest for new registrations because moms want to cheat after their men failed Mother’s Day. Today’s Troop Salute is Michael Ian Castle of the USMC. Entomologist Danny Najera calls to talk about Murder Hornets. Drew blasts Ryder for getting his Mom wind chimes for Mother’s Day but the P1s defend Ryder!