Fitz in the Morning Episode #266 Monday 05/18/20

Facebook Avatars are everywhere, but why does Ryder’s look like Drew? Today’s the 40th Anniversary of Mt St Helens erupting and we take some very vivid calls from P1’s who remember it like it was yesterday. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a guy replaces his buddy’s sunscreen with white paint, a small town mayor giggles when she says “balls” discussing COVID tennis rules, and a TV camera man is in trouble for an expletive-laden rant that went out live. The Peak and the Pit of our weekends include Fitz teaching his little boy football routes, Drew knocking down walls in his new house, Claire attending a Zoom Baby Shower and Ryder fishin’. In the Hourly Bulletin, the 40th Anniversary of Mt. St Helens, Sea-Tac now requires face masks, petition to recall Snohomish County Sheriff approved, a Canadian Royal Air Aerobatic Jet crashes in BC. We remember Phyllis George, a former Miss America and first-ever female NFL Broadcaster; Mama Fitz knew her and calls in. In the Fitz Files, Noah Cyrus’s EP claims her family never really supported her, we remember Fred Willard, the “American Idol” season finale had famous former contestants singing “We Are the World” and “Graduate Together” featured a “National Anthem” with High School Seniors. In the Good Stuff, some Texas band teachers went to each band student’s home to play the school fight song for them. In Rip Us a New One, don’t scream at your kids – let us have it instead! Luke Bryan calls in to talk about fame, getting his start, and appreciating the little things. Today’s Troop Salute is Dan Mendenhall of the US Navy. Fitz reviews What’s Trending, including “Last Normal Photo” and Facebook Avatars. Monday Motivation has positive quotes and spirit snaps to get your week started right!