Fitz in the Morning Episode #267 Tuesday 05/19/20

The traffic is back in the early AM, but everyone is being polite. Ryder decided against sweats with cowboy boots this morning, and Fitz’s dad used to wear cowboy boots exclusively! What Are You Kidding Me? Australian Aquarium officials say the fish might be depressed now that there aren’t people there looking through the glass at them. A woman in East Tennessee called 911 to tell them She was dating Eric Church, Dolly Parton was coming to visit, and Blake Shelton was coming to kill her, She specifically asked for a helicopter evacuation. In Show Court Ryder explains how he visited with a friend yesterday to exchange birthday gifts, We are worried that he’s breaking social distancing and putting us at risk. We ask the listeners, and they overwhelmingly text in “Not Guilty”. In the Bulletin Medical and Dental Offices are cleared to open up and 3 More area casinos opened Monday! Fitz says Bethany’s baby bump is getting absolutely huge. The babies are in the 90%+ percentile for size. Her mom keeps sending stuff to the house like new twins cribs, and Fitz wonders who is going to put this stuff together now.In Fitz Files Chris Stapleton cancels tour through 2021, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a lot to say about daughter Catherine having a baby with New son-in-law Chris Pratt. Legally Blonde 3 is on its way with Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling behind it. A guy is finding homes with 2020 graduate signs in the yard and pulling up to play the graduation march on his trumpet for the graduate in the house. In Make Up or Break Up Lauren from Port Orchard says her boyfriend Tom has gone remodel crazy since he’s been home on Quarantine. Tom says he found a bunch of inefficiencies in the kitchen and the whole house, he’s fixing them. He doesn’t complain about the crap TV she watches. Ryder Don’t Know Brad? After telling people about the Brad Paisley contest where they have to sing a Brad song on the Bullhorn, he asks Ryder to sing a Paisley song…. He chooses the Insurance commercial song. So Fitz asks for another one, and Ryder doesn’t know any. He suggests “Mud on The Tires” and Ryder sings the lyrics to the tune of “Dirt On My Boots”. Fitz has a list of the most common excuses people use to get out of doing anything. Studies show that most people use around 6 excuses per day to get out of things….. That’s a lot over the length of an entire year.