Fitz in the Morning Episode #268 Wednesday 05/20/20

The First Knuckle Crack of the day might be the best thing you feel all day. There are new signs all over the studio. Toucan Sam is getting redesigned, but Drew wonders if cereal characters are as important to kids today as they were when he was a kid, Drew slips up and asks if serial killers are important to children. What are You Kidding Me? The Topless Beach Event in South Texas….. It’s Topless Jeeps…not peeps. But the drunk girl we hear in the audio sounds like she’s about to lose her bikini top as well. The Disasters at Home! Most people only lasted 12 days before trying something they would normally pay for like a haircut, or a pedicure, or body piercing…. Most report failure. In the Bulletin a WSU Survey says most aren’t ready to return to dining in. Facemasks are the perfect cover for crimes. King County Busted out of that 3 way tie yesterday at 8:40, will they pull away, or will the big 4 keep pace? in County Wars Mike from Kitsap takes on Michelle from Clallum county! Fitz talks up the Brad Paisley zoom meet and asks if Brad Paisley has agreed to pay for the pizza yet. Drew says he’s happy to pay for it, but Fitz will have to pay up front and Brad will get him back! In The Fitz Files, the 2021 Oscars might be postponed due to pandemic, Nicole Kidman broke her ankle while jogging in Nashville. and Thomas Rhett’s wife put their daughter to the Candy challenge. In The Good Stuff a town did something very special for their graduating seniors this year. Carlisle, Pennsylvania put on a drive in Prom for seniors. Then Drew shut down the entire radio station with a single button, So Fitz just opens the phones for a round of “Who’s This” We talk pet names with the listeners who call in until we can get the station re-booted. Ryder was Fishing at a buddies dock, when the guy started talking smack on Ryder’s mom. Ryder kept his cool and told the guy he disagrees and left it at that…. Then Fitz and Drew argue about their mommas a bunch. All Jacked Up! We Hear from Casey from Auburn who pretends she’s in a music video, Mike who names his snacks before eating them, and Cindy who High Fives trees in the park. What’s on Your Mind Right Now? – Fitz is thinking of his older kids in Texas right now, Cooper wants that tattoo and he’s over-tanning. Drew is excited about his new home purchase, but scared about the financial reality of it. Ryder is thinking about his run in with an old friend over his mother, and a listener says she’s proud of him.