Fitz in the Morning Episode #273 Thursday 05/28/20

It’s a Great American Rite of Passage as Fitz spent yesterday afternoon trying to get his son Cash’s remote control airplane out of a tree. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a man angry that a burger restaurant reopened went there and threw sewage around, a man broke into a bank just to microwave a Hot Pocket, a man is arrested for a flip-flop fetish, and a bar in rural Texas has banned face masks. If you have been working from home, would you like to keep doing it? A new study says you probably do. In the Hourly Bulletin, the state Unemployment system is struggling to keep up and frustration is soaring, two local hikers die in separate incidents, 737 Max production restarts, and the Woodland Park Zoo mourns death of a 50-year-old Ape. Ryder explains the TikTok Trend of freezing cereal. In the Fitz Files, HBO Max is out but not on Roku, Lori Loughlin and her husband want to go to jail and get it over with, Tom Brady is selling his $300k Cadillac, and the British Press is attacking Kate now. The Good Stuff is about our Bickford Ford Community Hero Maureen McKenney from Port Townsend who makes masks for medical and nursing home workers. On Make Up or Break Up, Reese from Federal Way is frustrated that her roommate Jeffrey has been bringing home all kinds of women throughout quarantine. It’s National Burger Day and we want to know what you think is the Best Burger in the Northwest! Howie Mandel says with everyone obsessively cleaning and being afraid of germs, they should now understand how he feels all the time. Playlist Profiling is Julie from Tacoma! And, My Oh My, Shade is Throwin’ Shade about Missing Sports!