Fitz in the Morning Episode #274 Friday 05/29/20

Between Space Force, SpaceX and Sconenik-One, we are ready for an Out of This World Weekend! We get it started with a Friday Bull-Yah! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a man named Ben Dover is arrested, a mom accidentally flashes her kid’s 1st grade class on Zoom, a naked guy vandalizes a high school, and a Japanese Theme Park’s COVID rules include no screaming on rollercoasters. On Stream It or Skip It, Drew recommends “Space Force” on Netflix, “The Big Fib” on Disney + and HBO Max with “Friends” and “Looney Tunes”. In the Hourly Bulletin, Pierce and Snohomish push the state to get to Phase 2, the state recovers $300 million in stolen Unemployment funds, a suspected burglar is killed by an Everett homeowner, and new data shows half of new COVID cases in WA are people under 40. In the Fitz Files Morgan Wallen’s mug shot is popular with the ladies, Tom Cruise’s space movie has a director, and Little Nas X jams with Elmo on Elmo’s new HBO Max Talk Show. In The Good Stuff, a 7-year-old makes a backyard Prom for his teenage nanny. A Sconenik-One Launch Update has Ryder working on the hardware side with a rocket and weather balloon on order and Drew working on the regulatory package with paperwork filed with Air Traffic Control and the FAA. The Sunday Drive is Back and Fitz wants to know where P1’s love to drive. Fitz proves how well we all know each other with “Who in the Group Is Most Likely To…?” Is it weird that Ryder invited Fitz’s wife to float in his pool to relieve her pregnancy pains? The Weekend Party Preview includes the Blue Fox Drive-In Theatre in Oak Harbor, the Puyallup Farmer’s Market in South Hill, and for new indoor activity ideas, the website