Fitz in the Morning Episode #276 Tuesday 06/02/20

Be A Light Week continues, and the sky is putting on a beautiful light show this morning! In the What Are You Kidding Me Stories, a beer company is looking for a Chief Hiking Officer to get $20,000 to hike the Appalachian Trail with beer so we nominate Ryder, a woman is filmed looting a perfectly pristine cheesecake from the Seattle Cheesecake Factory and a man working out when looters broke into a gym keeps on going on the elliptical. In the Hourly Bulletin, peaceful protests as well as vandalism continue, Bellevue Police say some thieves and looters are from organized crime, the FBI is asking your help identify looting suspects, Pierce County says they are ready to move to COVID Phase 2, MLB owners and players are still trying to put together a plan to play this summer, and the Seahawks will donate $500,000 to charities from the Players Equity and Justice Fund. In the Fitz Files, Carol Baskin is awarded Joe Exotic’s GW Zoo in a court settlement, Disney World is using Star Wars Storm Troopers to enforce social distancing, Carrie Underwood tries the TikTok ghost hunting filter at her cabin, and Disney may buy the XFL. In The Good Stuff, a middle school in Minneapolis was already going to extra lengths to make sure students were fed during the pandemic; when rioting started to affect that effort, thousands of people responded to keep the food going to the kids. On Make Up or Break Up, Nicole from Issaquah says her husband Josh is so overbearing on their teenage daughter’s social life the girl is preparing to move out state after high school. Playlist Profiling is Glenna from Auburn! Fitz gives us an update on our Scone Space program: SconeNik One.