Fitz in the Morning Episode #277 Wednesday 06/03/20

Be a Light Week continues with positive stories and sound clips from across the nation. Fitz teaches us how to bring more birds and beautiful creatures to our homes by singing like Snow White. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, this is what it sounds like when badgers fight, three brothers let a black widow spider bite them because they thought it would turn them into Spider-Man, and people with sneezing fetishes hate masks. Fitz’ son Cooper is back from Texas, just in time to graduate from high school this morning, but he never told Fitz or Bethany about it so Fitz calls and wakes him up. In the Hourly Bulletin, protests and curfews continue in Northwest cities, Governor extends moratorium on evictions, five more counties file for Phase 2, a report of an armed man at the Seattle VA was a mistake, and Crystal Mountain opens some runs. Drew is all about his new Air Fryer. We get a Scones in Space Update and Fisher is sending us scones! In the Fitz Files, Carol Baskin’s missing husband’s will was forged, Lea Michelle apologizes for being a diva, and Garth Brooks shines a light on goodness and truth. In the Good Stuff, Fitz plays some positive audio from peaceful protests around the country and we tell each other “I Love You”. All Jacked Up includes Drew peering into passing cars to see what people are up to and Eric who ate a 6-year-old pork chop. TV Theme Songs make us feel better, so we all play and sing our favorites like “Knight Rider”, “Facts of Life”, “Golden Girls” and “Drake and Josh”. Today’s Troop Salute is Jack Bennetts USMC. Fitz has a Ridicu-List of 5 List of CDC recommendations about what NOT to do when reopening your business.