Fitz in the Morning Episode #278 Thursday 06/04/20

As “Be a Light Week” continues, Fitz and Claire discuss Northwest Bird Song. Fitz’s son graduated yesterday and he hasn’t seen him since. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a senator accidentally went topless on a Zoom meeting when she forgot she was still connected while undressing, a man denying paternity had someone else take his DNA test, a restaurant put a shark in its aquarium for reopening but the shark ate all the other fish, and a granny kicked the crap out of a burglar who turned out to be her grandson. Ryder calls Fitz at all hours of the night to get him to watch Twitch. In the Hourly Bulletin, Wednesday’s Seattle protest was the biggest yet, six counties apply for Phase 3 and two more are eligible, Seattle Schools are considering partial distance learning next school year, and the USDA confirms a Murder Hornet found last week in WA was a queen. Fitz has a great/bad Dad Joke! In the Fitz Files, “Bill and Ted” address the real San Dimas High School graduation, the AMC Theatre chain says it might not come back from COVID, Kane Brown did a cover of “Stand By Me” on “CMT Honoring Our Heroes” and Carrie Underwood is making a Christmas album. Laurie from Snohomish Wins the $1000 Minute! In The Good Stuff, after violent protesters in Austin destroy a homeless guy’s camp, citizens rally to buy him new belongings. Make Up or Break Up has Amber from Edmonds upset at her boyfriend Kevin who has been reaching out to his Ex; Kevin says he needs some important family pictures that only she has. If you’re struggling to keep your language clean, Fitz has a list of handy alternative curse words. Playlist Profiling is Deputy Mike from Kirkland. This Week on Throwin’ Shade: Shade Throws Light!