Fitz in the Morning Episode #281 Tuesday 06/09/2

It’s a typical Northwest rainy morning but Drew swears it never used to rain in June. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a woman who went into an intense spin while being airlifted is suing, a guy who saw a woman dumping trash on the road brings it back to her house, and we have a symphonic tune for states legalizing pot. Fitz thinks Claire’s Book Club is actually an attempt to Hook Up; the amount of wine consumed does not help Claire’s case. In the Hourly Bulletin, Seattle Police remove barricades around East Precinct and it stayed peaceful, Seattle mulls police funding numbers, a boater spots a rare fish near Port Angeles, frustrations continue over delayed unemployment, and a petition to remove a political billboard gets 73,000 signatures. The Test Launch of “SconeHome One” is in jeopardy due to weather. Drew STILL hasn’t received the laser flashlight he ordered off Instagram and thinks he’s been scammed. In the Fitz Files, the “Bill and Ted: Face the Music” trailer drops, we hear a list TV shows cancelled and new ones brewing including a reboot of “Walker, Texas Ranger”, and Vanessa Bryant sues for “hundreds of millions” over Kobe’s death. In The Good Stuff, Fitz celebrates his dog Suzie Lou’s 12th birthday, and a little girl who asked her daddy to join her playing in a mud puddle goes viral. On Make Up or Break Up, Roger from Spanaway is feeling very weird about his girlfriend Melissa hanging out with his Mom so much. “The Curse of Snohomish County” may have lifted for Drew after he got something unexpected for free. Playlist Profiling is Nurse Christie from Gig Harbor! Ryder always feels the need to share random bad and irrelevant news from the internet when the mics are off.