Fitz in the Morning Episode #287 Wednesday 06/17/20

It took Fitz three days to notice Claire got her hair done, and yes, it was a completely legal King County Phase 1.5 Haircut. Meanwhile, Fitz wants to take advantage of his long Quarantine hair and grow a Mullet! Coronavirus has ended the 7-11 Free Slurpee Day. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a man is charged for farting on a cop (and we debate whether COVID is passed by toots), a man is arrested for throwing White Claw at cops, a man on peyote is arrested for trying shooting the moon with a gun and there has been a sausage attack. In the Hourly Bulletin, SDOT configure barriers around CHOP for traffic lanes, residents in CHOP are concerned police don’t respond, Fremont Brewery closes after worker tests positive for Coronavirus, Governor says virus is rampaging in Eastern Washington. In the Fitz Files, Lady A’s name change is a problem for Seattle singer Lady A, Hallmark is getting ready for Christmas in July and Garth Brooks has a new song about unity. In The Good Stuff, we hear an adorable video of a little boy who is so polite he always thanks his momma for anything she gives him. All Jacked Up includes Claire’s cat eating her hair, April from Federal Way who loves wearing medical masks to smell her own breath, and Antonio from Port Angeles who named his twin boys Mario and Luigi. In honor of Father’s Day, “Get Mad Like Your Dad” and call us with your best impression of your Dad when he’s angry. Today’s Troop Salute is Corporal Donald J Shipman USMC. Drew is having a Midweek Crisis as his internet-ordered Laser Flashlight still has not arrived and the company is insisting it’s in transit and refusing to give him a refund.