Fitz in the Morning Episode #288 Thursday 06/18/20

The Mountain is out on this glorious Northwest morning and Ryder wishes he was in a tank top for “Sun’s Out, Guns Out”. Fitz is looking for a Mullet Specialist before he cuts his hair. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, Denny’s is offering a bacon bouquet for Father’s Day, a man has broken the world record for the most functioning gadgets on his Batman costume, Oregon cops caught a naked man after a 12-hour standoff on a railroad sign, a man arrested with cocaine on his nostrils says it wasn’t his, a guy threatens to kill his neighbor because he was mad his testicles hurt, and can use facial recognition to find someone who looks like your ex. In the Good Stuff, Fitz’s wife has another baby appointment today, and everything is looking good; and we hear about a woman celebrating her 100th Birthday with virtual visits. In the Fitz Files, Kelly Clarkson’s Hollywood ambitions broke up her marriage, Gwen Stefani is back on “The Voice”, Mama June admits to using $2500 of meth per day, and Josh Turner deos a Hank Williams Jr. cover “Country State of Mind” with Chris Janson. On Make Up or Break Up, Kayla from Olympia says her husband Joe is making their son fat with too much junk food and not enough exercise. For Father’s Day we want to hear about the time you “Saw Your Dad _____ And Never Told Him”, like Fitz’s dad adjusting the thermostat in his skivvies, and Maya from University Place seeing her dad sweet-talking his car. Playlist Profiling is Greg from Island County. Are Alexa and Siri reliable for emergencies? Drew says sort of but Fitz says that’s not good enough.