Fitz in the Morning Episode #289 Friday 06/19/20

Nothing says Fri-Yay like a Fri-Day Bull-Yah! In the What Are Kidding Me stories, most people in Washington have seen Bigfoot or know someone who has, a man unearthed an unusual mushroom that turned out to really be a discarded adult toy, a 84-year-old Florida man upset that an 88-year-woman woman took his favorite Bingo seat slashed her car tires with an ice pick. On Stream It or Skip It, Drew recommends “Yellowstone” on Paramount, “Mr. Iglesias” and “The Floor is Lava” on Netflix, “Dora and the Lost City of Gold on Amazon Prime, and “Artemis Fowl” on Disney+. In the Fitz Files, Brad Paisley helps a farm family with medical masks for their crew and fertility treatments for themselves, Garth Drive In Concert tickets go on sale today, and Jimmie Allen has advice for Dads and Moms on how to fit in Laundry Time when you have kids. With Father’s Day coming up, call us and tell us “I Knew My Dad Was Having A Midlife Crisis When…” We need your Insta-Therapy help for a local mom who says her son wants to be a You Tube star, but he’s just not a very good musician. Be very, very quiet because it’s time for our new Public Affairs segment, “That Northwest Feeling”. Daddy of the Year Awards: Fitz want to know what you dad should win the Dad of the Year Award, like Kyle from Buckley whose dad bought a car for the family of an employee who passed away and Madeline from Graham who’s dad was a lifelong smoker until she had a baby, then quit cold-turkey. Fitz exposes Drew for having smelly feet, although he is concerned it could be COVID Toe. The Weekend Party Preview includes the Point Defiance Zoo and Northwest Trek now open, the Arboretum now open with cool activities, and the website How Stuff Works is good for rainy weekend projects.