Fitz in the Morning Episode #290 Monday 06/22/20

While Drew is operating on his “backup coffee”, Fitz and Claire have perfect cups, and Ryder is glad he drinks energy drinks. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, Vancouver hospitals seeing an uptick in lock down groin injuries, sales of disposable urinal bags are up with people avoiding public potties, a man set a Guinness record for the largest stack of eggs, a man died when his family unplugged his ventilator to plug in an air conditioner, Fitz wants to ban co-workers from using the nearby bathroom for #2’s, and a man is arrested for carving a 7-foot-tall phallus in his front yard. In The Good Stuff, a Father’s Day Parade cheers the residents of a nursing home, Fitz is thankful he could Facetime with Bethany when she was in the hospital, Drew got to enjoy the nature of his new home on a sunny day, and Claire is happy her elderly Aunt finally got to hang out with some friends. In the Fitz Files, Kid Rock’s Nashville bar permit was suspended for violating Covid-19 restrictions, Kurt Cobain’s “MTV Unplugged” guitar sold for $6 million at auction, and Jake Owen and his 7- year-old daughter sang “Girl on Fire”. Ryder’s Quest for Country continues as Fitz quizzes him on who sings country songs by their title. He gets 1 out of 4 although he thinks Joey Chestnut sings “Something Like That”! In Bethany’s Baby Blog, Bethany tells us why she spent the weekend in the hospital. Today’s Troop Salute is Master Sergeant Casey Payne USAF. Drew is moving to Monroe and has offered his Renton rental to Claire because it’s such a good deal. In Talk Your Way Out Of It, Fitz gives Ryder, Claire and Drew each a scenario they’ve been “caught” in to see how they would talk their way out of it. Monday Motivation has motivating quotes to get your week started off right!