Fitz in the Morning Episode #293 Thursday 06/25/20

Ryder is all dressed up because he woke up at 2am and had time to get spruced-up, but Fitz is worried Ryder has a job interview to go back to Game Stop. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a woman assaults her boyfriend with a hot pizza, a 100-year-old snake handler who was bitten over 117 times has died of natural causes, a new TikTok trend has people throwing babies into pools to prove they float, a leech goes up a man’s penis and drinks a pint of blood before they get it out, and a man attacks another man with a sausage for refusing to sell him booze. In The Good Stuff, a local woman uses her stimulus check to make over 1200 lasagnas for her community and that leads us to talk about the best lasagna we’ve ever had. Claire is facing the monumental task of throwing things out before moving into Drew’s old house; she’s struggling with tossing out her CD collection and some novelty gifts like her Homer Simpson ice cube tray. In the Fitz Files, Eric Church’s new song challenges the Country industry to get back to singing “3 chords and the truth” about America, “Matrix 4” starts production in Berlin, Alex Trebek donates $500,000 toward a homeless shelter in Los Angeles, and a “Today Show” viewer criticizes Savannah Guthrie’s home COVID hair. On Make Up or Break Up, Damon from Bremerton says his girlfriend Angela is a total Daddy’s Girl and it’s starting to be a problem between them. Ryder’s Quest for Country continues with Fitz asking Ryder to “fill in the blank” on some legendary country song lyrics. Playlist Profiling is Jeff from Yelm! Throwin’ Shade has Shade throwin’ shade at the sun!