Fitz in the Morning Episode #294 Friday 06/26/20

We are ready with our spill-proof mugs in case it gets crazy up in here with a Summertime Friday Bull Yah! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a lunch lady is busted for shaking down elementary students for their lunch money, a guy is nabbed after hiding under women’s cars and grabbing their ankles, a man caught getting dirty with a cow claims she’d transformed into a beautiful woman and seduced him and a travel agent sends people off on cruises and robs their homes. In Stream It or Skip It, Drew recommends “Irresistible” On Demand, “Twilight Zone” on CBS All Access, “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga” on Netflix, and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days” and “Live Action Jungle Book” on Disney+. In the Fitz Files, Key Arena is now “Climate Pledge Arena”, a “Hannah Montana” fan is blowing up TikTok with a plot hole disruption theory, and Steve Raible is retiring today from KIRO 7 after 38 years. We need your Insta-Therapy help for Tara (not her real name) from Kent who says her best friend cheated on her fiancée and wants Tara to keep it quiet but the fiancée is Tara’s cousin. With Fitz’s wife getting ready to give birth to twins any week now, he quizzes us about raising children to see if we could be of any help. Believe it or Not includes Amy in Bonney Lake who is an attorney by day and “web cam girl” by night, and a caller who has a warning for Fitz because she was a surprise twin and thinks he should be braced for triplets. Are Millennials destroying weddings? Fitz thinks they are! The Weekend Party Preview includes Casey’s Batting Range in Port Angeles, King County Sport Courts, Disc Golf, and Hiking Trails, the Garth Brooks Drive-In Concert Saturday night, and Canlis is now showing Drive-In movies in their parking lot.