Fitz in the Morning Episode #299 Friday 07/03/20

Can you Feel the Freedom? Here comes a Star Spangled Bull-Yah! And get ready for “Red White and Bull” starting at Noon, our Two Day All-Star Fantasy Concert only on 98.9 The Bull! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, one-third of inmates at San Quentin have Covid-19, a 72-year-old woman is gored by a Yellowstone buffalo because she ignored warning signs, cops in Australia catch a fugitive who commented on his internet wanted poster, an Ohio woman is arrested for calling 911 to complain about a Chinese restaurant, an Oregon woman is arrested after pouring Hennessy into a drive-thru window worker’s mouth with a cop right behind her, and a Florida woman is arrested for squeezing her man’s “playground equipment” too hard. In Stream It or Skip It, Drew recommends the new “Unsolved Mysteries” on Netflix, “Footloose” and “My Cousin Vinnie” on Hulu, “Pixar in Real Life” and “Hamilton” on Disney +, and “Saving Private Ryan” and “Flags of our Fathers” on HBO Max. In the Fitz Files, Vanilla Ice says it’s OK he’s doing a live concert in Texas because Covid-19 didn’t exists in the 90’s, we hear Fitz and Ryder’s special version of “Ice Ice Baby”, Thomas Rhett has adorable July 4th family plans and Willie Nelson puts out his 70th album. Fitz’ Firecracker Parade is Epic thanks to our P1’s and your amazing virtual Fireworks! We all talk about our personal 4th Of July traditions and hear some of yours. Believe It or Not includes Dan in Enumclaw who was conceived on his mom’s senior trip to Mexico and Amanda who brags that she’s never paid for a concert ticket in her life with various methods to get in. The Weekend Party Preview includes Fireworks at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma tonight and the Puyallup Fairgrounds Saturday night, and of Course “Red White and Bull”!