Fitz in the Morning Episode #301 Tuesday 07/07/20

Technology is plaguing us as Drew’s phone stopped recognizing his fingerprint and Claire almost lost her crossword streak because her phone update erased her login. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, YouTuber “Mr. Beast” held a contest to see who could hold their finger on their phone the longest, a neighbor “helped” a family move by stealing from them, a father/son arm wrestling match turns ugly when a gun comes out, a German man is hospitalized after a baby viper bit him on the tongue, 76% say they’ve gained weight during quarantine, and a Tennessee man steals a mannequin from an adult store. In the Good Stuff, a young man in Connecticut who saw a house on fire pulled over to help out and saved an old woman and her grandson; we tell of our personal good stuff including Fitz updating us on his twins, Drew’s sister meeting Jyl’s parents for the first time, Claire’s 95-year-old Aunt getting her iPad set up for Disney+ by her mensch nephew, and Ryder helping his buddy who has cancer. Local Boy James Otto is playing a drive-in concert at the Washington State Fairgrounds. In the Fitz Files, Garth and Trisha postpone Studio G because a member of their staff has Covid-19, we remember Charlie Daniels, and Carol Baskin is the hottest commodity on Cameo but will not do messages about her missing husband. On Make Up or Break Up, Janine from Puyallup is upset that her fiancée Eddie is letting his beef with another neighborhood dad stand between her son and his little best friend. Brace Yourself for “The Devil Went Down To Bullvue” as we all sing the classic in honor of the passing of the great Charlie Daniels. Playlist Profiling is Jamie from Shelton. Fitz call his very pregnant wife Bethany in the hospital to see how she’s doing.