Fitz in the Morning Episode #302 Weds 07/08/20

Drew is super proud of his faux finish project in his new Monroe home, creating “stone” where there was none before! Fitz says Ryder should consult Big Beef Doppler before he gets dressed. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, the most Country Music Baby ever was born on the 4th of July on a pontoon boat, a man screams at people accosting him for not wearing a mask, a man shooting a gopher missed and hit a golfer ala Caddyshack, and Rob Lowe wants to cash in on “How Many Lowe’s Could a Rob Lowe Rob, If a Rob Lowe Could Rob Lowe’s” but Lowe’s says no. In the Good Stuff, a little girl who started a charity to give toys to needy kids is now giving toys to kids of first responders. It’s National Video Game Day and Ryder tells us how he will celebrate. In the Fitz Files, Blake Shelton is doing a nationwide Drive-In concert ala Garth, the split of Harry and William means dividing Princess Diana’s charity, Grainger Smith did a good version of a live concert, and Gabby Barrett is climbing the Pop charts with “I Hope” remixed with Charlie Puth. All Jacked Up includes Fitz talking to himself with the Snapchat baby filter, Tiffany in Everett who steals things from her work crush, and Adam in Monroe who pulls out his nose hairs because he likes the pain. We debate the announcement of the Secretary of State that the US might ban TikTok because the Chinese use it to spy on us; Fitz doesn’t care as long as you follow him @FollowFitz. Today’s Troop Salute is Garrett Lee Broderson of the US Army National Guard. We need your help with a Midweek Crisis involving Drew and Claire; he’s handing off his rental house to her, but the landlord is demanding he make repairs. 2020 is so crazy when Fitz tries to list all the crazy stuff that’s happened, we all up singing boat songs.