Fitz in the Morning Episode #303 Thursday 07/09/20

Fitz’ dog Suzie Lou took him on an epic potty journey this morning – did she want to spend more time with Daddy or was she running away? In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, the internet debates whether a woman can wear a sexy red dress to someone’s wedding, a man whose roommate changed the radio station while he was showering attacks him with a machete, salad bars will be replaced by salad robots, an airline is selling a simulated travel experience where you can go through security, load on the plane, and taxi around the airport, some salons are now offering butt-facials, and a woman is arrested for stabbing a man for dropping her dog. In the Good Stuff, Claire and Drew presented the check from the “United Steaks of America” T-shirts sales from “Red White and Bull” to Food Lifeline. In The Fitz Files, Carly Pearce spills the tea (sorta) about her split from Michael Ray, details on the Blake Drive-in shows, and Billie Eilish had Bieber Fever so bad when she was 10 her mom thought she might need therapy. On Make Up or Break Up, Eve from Federal Way feels disrespected by her boyfriend Derek because he is late to everything including child care; he says they are isolated incidents and she’s making a huge deal out of nothing. The band Lady A is suing Seattle singer Lady A because she is asking them for $10 million to stop complaining about them infringing on her name, so now they want a judge to enforce their trademark on the name. Fitz is offended Claire throws “OK Boomer” at him, implying he is a Boomer just because he has many kids, so we debate what it really means to be a Boomer. Playlist Profiling is Trashman Mike from Coupeville. Shade is Throwin’ Shade on all the fancy designer masks everyone is wearing.