Fitz in the Morning Episode #305 Monday 07/13/20

Fitz feels bad that some good women named Karen have all been lumped together with the bad ones so he’s reaching out to ask all you sweet Karens, or people who know a sweet Karen, to call in. In the What Are You Kidding me stories, Bill Nye posts videos on TikTok showing the effectiveness of masks, science says with enough of an adrenalin rush a human could probably outrun a T-Rex, a new survey show some women can achieve the big “O” from certain workouts and exercises, and a man running from police hides in a building that turns out to be a police station. In the Good Stuff, an elderly woman uses her federal stimulus money to build a “stuffed animal zoo” in her front yard for the neighborhood to enjoy. In Case You Missed It, Throwin’ Shade has Shade revisiting his hatred for Fancy Masks. In the Fitz Files, Darius Rucker is splitting from his wife of 20 years, John Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston has passed away at 57 from Breast Cancer, and Hardy performs the Morgan Wallen hit “Up/ Down”, which he wrote, on the online show “My #1 Moment”. King 5’s Margaret Larson is Retiring and Calls In to talk about her amazing career in television and journalism including some fun insider info on “The Today Show”. Today’s Troop Salute is Donald Dean Dodson Sr. of the US Navy. Monday Motivation has some motivating quotes to get your week started right.