Fitz in the Morning Episode #308 Thursday 07/16/20

Big Daddy Fitz has slept about two hours in the last five days with his brand new twins. Fitz can’t believe Drew has never been to Summer Camp. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a bride didn’t know she was mic’d up in her wedding video and leaned over to the groom to tell him she just took a dump, a guy boarding a plane dropped his duffle bag and a bunch of snakes inside escaped, a guy picks up his Jeep from a mechanic’s shop and finds it full of sand and parking tickets, and a guy admitted to a hospital for respiratory failure sets the bed on fire to get himself out. In the Good Stuff, a family who got lost hiking and sent a note in a bottle over a waterfall is rescued after someone amazingly finds the bottle and sends a rescue team for them. In the Fitz Files, Tyra Banks will replace Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews on “Dancing with the Stars”, Jennifer Grey is working on a dance movie that people suspect may be a sequel to “Dirty Dancing” and Chris “Captain America” Evans makes a video for a hero little boy who rescued his sister from a dog attack. On Make Up or Break Up, Tiffany from Bellevue says her boyfriend Ken’s son is an absolute monster to her but he refuses to do anything about it. Fitz has stats on how much work women actually do around the house and it’s a lot. With his wife in the hospital Fitz is doing some “Man Stuff” to provide for her, like hooking up the Roku in her hospital room, so Drew tells Fitz he may play Drew’s “He’s A Man” music for himself, but just this once.